There is a saying that if you want to make a gathering or meeting successful, provide food. Many cultures communicate their love and care for each other through food. The smell of a familiar recipe cooking in the kitchen can virtually transport you to your childhood.

My Food is a keystone program of the Civitas Senior Living signature Passion Program. In senior living, specifically, meal satisfaction directly correlates with overall resident satisfaction. A quality culinary experience is more than hot food served hot and cold food served cold. Civitas brings passion to dining in many ways.

My Recipe
Many seniors are concerned that moving in to a community means they won’t get to experience their favorite activities anymore. The My Recipe program takes this worry away by ensuring that individuals will still have the opportunity to eat their favorite, home-cooked meals, without the dirty kitchen to clean up afterward! You simply provide your favorite recipe to the community’s Chef Manager for preparation. All that’s left to do is enjoy the wonderful food without any of the work!

My Birthday Meal
A birthday is like your own personal holiday and Civitas communities are ready to celebrate! In addition to monthly community-wide birthday parties, each individual receives any meal they want, prepared just for them in honor of their special day.

Themed Dinners
Variety is the spice of life! Themed dinners bring flavors from around the world to the dinner tables in Civitas dining rooms. Enchiladas from Mexico, spaghetti from Italy, egg rolls from China, or fried chicken from the good old USA are appetizing options served at theme dinners.

Chef Managers and their culinary teams at Civitas communities work to bring passion to the dining experience at each meal. Through open dialogue and focused dedication to exceeding expectations, the Civitas dining team demonstrates passion with food daily.