Physical Activity

One very important key to staying healthy is to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. It can be easy to sit around all day or spend very little time moving around. Having an active lifestyle is very important, though. There are different options of ways to do this. Go to a gym or join a fitness class. Another option to both get fresh air and to stay active is to go on walks around the neighborhood. This could also provide for a social interaction if a couple people decide to go for walks together every day.

Healthy Diet

Keeping a healthy diet means getting enough of all the important nutrients. Keeping a diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and grains will help keep the body healthy and the mind clear. A good diet can help fight off any diseases despite that advanced age. It can also continue to give the body resilience. Not only can a person live longer with a healthy diet this way but can also enjoy that longer life.


Having a positive outlook on life, despite the challenges life brings with it, can really do some good for a senior. Sure, there will definitely be some challenges and hard times over the years, but that doesn’t mean there’s a need to crumble down because of them. Staying positive can mean having more resilience and energy. That energy can keep a senior healthy because it can lead to a more active lifestyle.

Social Interaction

Spending time with other people or staying in touch with them can improve a senior’s mood and can be a great way to fight isolation. Social interaction is actually a very important part of staying healthy. It can be uplifting to the spirits and can be great for intellectual stimulation as well.