There are a lot of items to think about packing when you’re moving to a new place. When you’re moving to an assisted living community, it might be hard to know which items to bring and which to bring behind. Here are some thoughts on the furniture you should be bringing with you.

Make sure to ask at your future community about items that might be provided and services that might be offered. This will give you an idea of what to bring and what to leave behind.

When picking out which furniture to bring with you, make sure all the pieces will fit into the new space without creating a cramped environment. Also, it is definitely better to bring a minimal amount of furniture with you.

Some essential furniture pieces would be a bed, a nightstand, a small kitchen table, chairs for the table, and some sort of seating in the living room.

Creating extra storage space for yourself can be helpful. An ottoman that can also be used as a storage space or an extra set of drawers might come in handy when the provided storage space isn’t enough. If it’s possible, find items that can be folded up or somehow stored when they’re not being used.

Lastly, lay out the furniture in your new apartment in such a way that it’s easy to move around. Also, make sure that the most important items are easily accessible. In other words, make sure you settle into your new apartment. You want it to feel like home, and the arrangement of your furniture and belongings will definitely make a difference.