Sagely provides a suite of automated tools which assist engagement programs in senior living communities by saving time, increasing meaningful connections, and providing resident and community insight. On the community side, Sagely enables Civitas to not only spend more quality time with residents by streamlining several administrative tasks, it also helps us tailor resident experiences and evaluate and innovate our programs. Through Sagely, we use the power of data, insights, and automation to help our staff collaborate, communicate, and stay organized as well as deeply understand our residents and engage them in more active lives.

For a resident’s family and loved ones, Sagely provides a smartphone app that makes it easier for those who don’t live nearby or have busy schedules to stay connected with their loved ones. They are able to check on and receive notifications about their loved one’s engagement and participation effortlessly as well as learn about events happening within the community. Our staff can even send a picture of the resident enjoying an activity to their family and loved ones. Through Sagely, Civitas can keep residents and their loved ones connected and provide them with peace of mind.