The 1940s - The War Years

Take a blast to the past as we explore our history, decade by decade. What traditions have stuck?
What fashion trends have returned? What games do we still play? A lot can happen in 100 years!

  • Attire

    The 1940s were defined by a clean and slim silhouette with a somewhat military feel. Jackets, blouses, sweaters, and skirts were short and close-fitting, all unadorned and with the requisite sharp shoulder pads. Long sleeves were out, dresses were casual, and pants and 'playsuits' became everyday attire.

    Men's suits shapes changed little, vests, pocket flaps, and trouser pleats and cuffs were removed to conserve material. In contrast, the flashy zoot suits, occasionally worn by young men, boasted baggy pants and large, wide shoulders. With the end of war rationing came longer, full cut suits.

  • Music & Dance

    Dance styles were all centered around swing dance. This dance developed with the development of jazz and swing music. The dance was different in many ways, all around the country. Professional ballroom dancing, as opposed to everyday dancing, began to take on as an artistic sport in this decade. Big band music and jazz.

  • Famous Faces Born

    ● John Lennon ● Pele ● Bruce Lee ● Chuck Norris ● Ringo Starr ● Tom Jones ● Al Pacino ● Alex Trebek ● Dionne Warwick ● Richard Pryor ● Patrick Stewart ● Martin Sheen ● Raquel Welsh ● Peter Fonda



  • Popular Food

    ● Golden Nugget Cake ● Jell-o Salad ● Woolton Pie ● Potato & Hot Dog Salad ● Deviled Lobster ● Oslo Meals ● Meatloaf ● Mashed Potatoes ● Coleslaw ● Cake Mix ● Cheerios

  • Art

    Painting By the end of the decade, American art was dominated by abstract expressionism. Abstract expressionist painters tried to express their thoughts and feelings through abstract images. Like painting, music also turned toward individual expression.

    Our Art Throbs Club will be painting famous artwork, and sketching fashions from the decade.

  • Fun Facts

    ● The average salary was $1,299 ● The life expectancy of men was around 60 years while women were expected to live about 68 years ● The T-shirt was first introduced in 1942 ● The first computer was built in 1945 ● The minimum wage was $0.43 an hour

  • Popular Games & Toys

    ● Lego ● Slinky ● Silly Puddy ● Scrabble ● Monopoly ● Clue