The 1920s - The Roaring 20s

Take a blast to the past as we explore our history, decade by decade.
What traditions have stuck? What fashion trends have returned? What games do we still play? A lot can happen in 100 years!

  • Attire

    The Roaring Twenties were a golden era of fashion. WWI left women desiring a simple, comfortable lifestyle and a fashion style that reflected the new modern age, where young women outnumbered the older Edwardian generation. 1920s fashion was made for by the young and free-spirited youth who discarded their corsets and showed off their jazz dancing legs. Below knee length drop waist dresses with a loose, straight fit. Beaded evening dresses inspired by “flappers”. Mary Jane & T-strap heels. Casual sport golf knickers, argyle socks, blouse and tie. Cocoon fur coats and fringe shawls. Cloche hats and short bobbed hairstyles. Beads or feather headbands for evening wear. Long pearl necklaces, tassel necklaces, drop earrings, Art Deco color faux gemstones. Small beaded purses held makeup compacts and cigarette cases.

  • Music & Dance

    The most popular dances during the decade were the fox-trot, waltz, and American tango. From the early 1920s, a variety of eccentric novelty dances were also developed including the Breakaway, Charleston, and Lindy Hop.

    Jazz heavily influenced dance music in the late 1920s. Another aspect of dance music in the 1920s was the dance competitions and marathons held across the country.

  • Famous Faces Born

    ● Pope John Paul ● Mickey Rooney ● Tony Randall ● Walter Matthau ● Peggy Lee ● Yul Brynner ● Shelley Winters ● Prince Phillip ● Queen Elizabeth ● Martin Luther King Jr. ● Anne Frank ● Audrey Hepburn ● Grace Kelly ● Barbara Walters

  • Popular Food

    ● Baby Ruth Candy Bars ● Wonder Bread ● Hostess Cakes ● Velveeta Cheese ● Popsicles

    Modern Pioneer Mom explains that processed foods were gaining popularity because of all the new food production methods brought on by World War I.

  • Art

    Activities included playing board games, watching movies, listening to the radio, and reading. Played Hokum and Tiddledy Winks. Watched movies because they started playing movies with sound that was made in 1923.

    Our Art Throbs Club will be painting Art Deco and Surrealism genres, along with sketching fashions from the decade.

  • Fun Facts

    ● 1928 Mickey Mouse was born! Walt Disney himself did the voice of Mickey until 1947 ● American lawmakers sought to improve working conditions in their states. By 1925, fifteen states had passed minimum wage laws, including California at 16 cents an hour. The U.S. Supreme Court later ruled several of the laws unconstitutional. (By 1929, every state had passed laws limiting child labor.) ● Religion - As a result, a new kind of Christianity emerged - Fundamentalism. Social changes led to a major religious revival among conservative Christians. They did not like the influence of cinema and jazz, or the new way in which women dressed and behaved.

  • Popular Games & Toys

    ● Mahjong ● Several different types of Chess