The 1910s - The Progressive Era

Take a blast to the past as we explore our history, decade by decade. What traditions have stuck?
What fashion trends have returned? What games do we still play? A lot can happen in 100 years!

  • Attire

    Ladies Fashion was characterized by fluid, soft silhouettes, big hats, and short hair. Dress length came up from the floor to above the ankle. Women wore a tunic over long skirt. Skirts were widest at the hips and became narrow at the ankle.

    Men Fashion became more casual. Crisp shirts, high collars, and bold stripes seen below were typical of the clean-cut but casual American style. Short, well-groomed hair. The lounge suit was also a popular American style.

  • Music & Dance

    A wonderful time of the beginning of Jazz. Dancing and listening to music were a big social event of the 1910’s. The movie industry moved from New York to Los Angeles and the start of treating actors as stars began – Charlie Chaplain having great success.

  • Famous Faces Born

    ● Ingrid Bergman ● Hedy Lamarr ● Raymond Burr ● Lucille Ball ● Margaret Lockwood ● Orson Welles ● Robert Mitchum ● Kirk Douglas

  • Popular Food

    ● Fruit Preserves - perfect for rationing ● Sherbet ● Canned Fruit ● Wrigley's Doublemint Gum ● Condensed Soup ● Beef ● Oreo ● Lorna Doone Cookies

  • Art

    ● Duchamp’s painting became famous ● Winslow Homer ● John Sargent

    Our Art Throbs Club will be painting famous Duchamp, Homer and Sargent pieces, and sketching fashions from the decade.

  • Fun Facts

    ● 1911, Indianapolis started their Indy 500 races ● Fenway Park opened on April 20, 1912 ● 1912 saw the Titanic sink in the Atlantic Ocean, by running in to an iceberg

  • Popular Games & Toys

    ● Raggedy Ann arrived in this decade, she was based on a character in a popular children’s book, by Johnny Gruelle ● Pirate and Traveler board game, published by Milton Bradley in 1911