If you’ve been spending a lot of your time caring for a loved one, it is quite possible that you’re feeling worn down and unsure about what to do next. If taking care of your loved one is keeping you from taking care of your family at home, whether that’s a spouse or kids or both, it might be time for you to start lightening your load. If taking care of your loved one is affecting your emotional and/or mental health, it’s probably time for you to find some additional help.

There are quite a few reasons to consider a senior living option. If your loved one needs your assistance or company to the point where you almost always feel tired and overwhelmed, it’s probably time to look into senior living options.

Of course, with senior living, there are several possibilities. Reassure your loved one that moving a senior living community doesn’t necessarily mean a loss of independence. Make sure he or she understands that you still care but are no longer able to carry the burden the way you’ve been doing.

And even though you might think it’s cheaper for you to be the one taking care of this loved one, it’s very possible that’s not actually true. Many times, taking care of an older loved one ends up costing a lot and additionally might affect the caregiver’s time at work. Putting in less hours or being distracted at work can then affect the caregiver’s income at a time when there are more expenses to worry about.

Depending on how much time and attention your loved one needs, you can look into an assisted living community as a possibility. In our own community, we provide various levels of care that can be customized based on your loved one’s needs.

Of course, if what your loved one needs is some companionship then independent living might even be the right fit. With independent living, there is still a community for your loved one to join. There are activities in which to participate and a meal plan if he or she doesn’t want to cook.

Whatever the case, make sure your loved one understands that you care and still plan on being an active part of his or her life but that you just can’t have him or her rely fully on you. Talk over the different possibilities with your loved one, and start the process of looking into a senior living community.

If you have any questions about our community and our housing options, feel free to contact us.