It’s a word that gets thrown around today in all manner of ways.

Find your passion. Live your passion.

But those phrases are difficult to wrap your hands around due to their ambiguity. They can mean something completely different from one person to the next.

Wayne and Misti Powell, co-founders of Civitas Senior Living, through their Signature Passion Program have cut through the vagueness of this concept. For them, passion is quality of life. And before you think that they’ve defined one ambiguous term with another, let’s look at the clarity they bring to the topic.

According to the Signature Passion Program, quality of life is achieved when programming is seamless, departments are cohesive, milestones are celebrated, and communication flows.

Programming is seamless

Seamless programming is achieved through a marriage of wellness, dietary, and administrative principles called My Activities. This synergist approach is the most comprehensive method of all the signature programs to achieve quality of life for the individuals and families who have chosen a Civitas community for their senior living needs.

Departments are cohesive

Cohesion among departments breeds confidence in the leadership teams who take on the responsibility for providing quality of life to seniors. Our Passionate Employee program offers employees the opportunity to learn, grow, and be recognized for outstanding job performance. Engaged employees who know they are valued bring more of themselves to their work, which creates a rewarding and passion-filled work environment.

Milestones are celebrated

Famous author and teacher Dale Carnegie said, “If you want to win friends, make it a point to remember them.” Celebrating the stories, achievements, and milestones in others’ lives dramatically improves both parties’ quality of life. My Passion Pathway and My Food programs set the stage to honor what makes life special.

Communication flows

The key to success in most any situation is communication. Clear, thorough, and compassionate communication is the hallmark of the My Wellness program. Much like the marriage of wellness, dietary, and administrative principles in the My Activities program, consistent communication brings together the strengths of leaders and team members within Civitas to ensure that quality of life is a central focus of all activities and care.

Quality programming, cohesion, celebration, and communication combine to deliver passion and exceptional quality of life. That’s the vision that Wayne and Misti have for Civitas and the seniors they serve.

How do you define passion? Comment below to join the conversation.