We want each and every one of our new residents to feel welcome in their new home. The My Passion Pathway program helps us customize each move-in experience to provide new residents with an easier transition. We also want every new resident to know they are loved and their contributions to our community are valued. All of the elements of My Passion Pathway come together to do just that.

Passionate Welcome

We love all of our residents — and we want to personally welcome each and every one of them to our community. Our goal is to ensure each resident feels connected to both the staff and the community as a whole. One of the ways we do this is through our Passionate Welcome. The Passionate Welcome is a great way for new residents to connect with management and staff members through personal introductions.

My Community Ambassador

Passion breeds passion, and many of our residents love helping others just as much as we do. These special residents volunteer as our Community Ambassadors. Their mission is to personally help new residents with their transition and share all their love and knowledge of life at Civitas Senior Living. Community Ambassadors enjoy connecting residents with other residents and activities that match the new resident’s interests. One of our Community Ambassadors’ favorite things to do is host a Welcome Meal for the new resident in which we learn more about our new resident, their likes, loves, personal experiences, and how we can make their transition into their new home easier.

My First 7 Days - New Resident Survey

After one week, new residents have seen, tasted, and experienced much of what life is like at a Civitas Senior Living community. At this point, many even have valuable opinions about our dining services, activity offerings, and housekeeping services. We want to hear it all! The New Resident Survey meeting ensures we are doing everything we can to enrich our residents’ lives. It is how we help them feel safe and secure, but most importantly, heard.

Intergenerational Life Program

Our Intergenerational Life program blends traditional and innovative opportunities for our residents to engage with younger members of the surrounding community. This program provides a fun opportunity to keep our residents connected with younger generations, forming meaningful and valuable relationships. Both groups can learn so much from each other. It's an enriching experience for everyone who participates.

Stay Connected

For family members and loved ones with busy schedules or who don’t live nearby, technology is the best way to stay connected to their loved ones. In order to make keeping up with your loved one as easy as possible, Civitas Senior Living provides an app called Sagely specifically to connect residents, family members, and loved ones who don’t see each other in person as often as they would like. 

Through Sagely, family members receive notifications when their loved ones are participating in activities, view photos of residents having fun, and have access to the community’s activity calendar. There’s no greater peace of mind than when you can see how your loved one is doing. Our Stay Connected technology puts that power in the palm of your hand.