The My Activities program at Civitas Senior Living is the most comprehensive part of our signature Passion Program. That’s because we understand how important engagement is in a resident’s overall wellbeing.

Through My Activities, we explore and celebrate our residents’ stories, memories, and milestones while empowering them to make new ones. We help residents challenge their minds, exercise their bodies, soothe their souls, bond with staff, enjoy new friendships, and try new and exciting things. My Activities is how we invite our residents to have the time of their lives, every single day.

My Miracle Moment

Our independent living residents are filled with a lifetime of experiences, adventures, and lasting memories — special times that fill the pages of their story. We commemorate these times through our My Miracle Moment program led by our Recreation Director and Independent Living Manager once a quarter. 

We search for ways to celebrate and reflect on these special times in life and help our independent living residents revisit them with extraordinary joy. Our My Miracle Moment brings enormous pleasure to our distinguished residents and provides a perfect wayfor families and friends to participate and enjoy these exceptional times together. 

Resident Spotlight

Every Civitas resident is unique and deserves to be celebrated. Our Resident Spotlight program features ways to share stories from the past with fellow friends and staff and highlights the resident as a special member of our community. All residents are encouraged to participate in our programs and volunteer in activities that enhance our community lifestyle.

Through this program, we choose a different resident to recognize and celebrate their story, participation, and contributions. The resident is featured in the community newsletter, introduced at our monthly Meet and Greet event, and has a special Resident Spotlight sign displayed on their door that month as a special honor.

Community Clubs

Our goal is to provide a wide variety of stimulating activities that includes something for everyone. Through clubs, we explore and celebrate our residents’ stories, memories, and milestones while empowering them to create new ones. We help residents challenge their minds, exercise their bodies, soothe their souls, bond with staff and friends, and try new and exciting things.

  • Theater Club

With so much talent found amongst our residents, there’s always something in the works. Our Theater Club is the perfect place for our performers and other arts lovers to come together for live productions or even to create and produce their own shows within the community and beyond.

Our residents benefit from a broad range of ways to enjoy the arts through our Theater Club — from outings to take in local live performances to our community movie theater featuring films that thrill, excite, and impact viewers. We’ll explore the fun of theater arts in all its many facets.

  • History Club

Our independent living residents thoroughly enjoy all that’s offered through our History Club. We offer a variety of opportunities to tour, study, listen, and learn from experts in different fields and through visiting places of historical significance. Through this program, residents will experience activities like touring local museums, listening to educational lectures, visiting historical sites, and showcasing their own historical items during our History Club discussion time at the community. 

Please note that additional fees for activities outside the communities may apply — such as if a museum or a historical site charges an entrance fee.

  • Exercise Club

Physical activity is an integral part of maintaining a healthy mind and body. Our Exercise Club offers a variety of options for independent living residents to enjoy. Our classes are designed to help residents maintain strength, gain agility, improve balance and flexibility, and increase stamina. In addition to Ageless Grace -- a trademarked brain and fitness workout proven to increase neuroplasticity of the brain which may slow the progression of dementia -- residents can enjoy options like tai chi, Zumba, yoga, and water aerobics.

  • Outreach Club

Making a difference is the cornerstone of our Outreach Club, where residents experience the value and positive impact of volunteer work. We embrace the word “community” in a number of ways, but our main goal is to lend a helping hand with local projects/improvements and discover new ways to lift spirits and enhance the lives of others. Residents can choose from outreach projects such as Meals on Wheels, blanket ministry, hospital and rehab visits, military care packages, and food/supply drives. They can even volunteer to lead the effort.

  • Green Thumb Club

Nothing says getting back to nature like nurturing the earth and caring for our organic surroundings. Our Green Thumb Club invites members to become actively involved in gardening, floral design, and civic and environmental projects, both around the community and beyond. We believe a personal connection to the earth benefits the places we live and how we enjoy them.

Green Thumb Club members will also visit local venues and events that feature plants, herbs, and native flowers. In addition, they will help maintain and beautify common areas within our community for the enjoyment of all residents.

  • Art Throb Club

Independent living residents will enjoy letting their creative juices flow in our Art Throb Club. This club is perfect for drawing out the artist in every participant and invites them to create frame-worthy works. The membership fee covers a box of professional-grade art supplies for each member, and we will also have additional materials on hand should supplies ever run low. Completed works are displayed on the community art wall for all residents to enjoy.

Legacy University

Legacy University offers an educational opportunity for independent living residents to continue learning in a structured course of study. This program is geared toward the avid learner, and class instruction is led by award-winning teachers. These two semester courses of 12 weeks each are taught in cooperation with The Teaching Company

The Great Courses workbook may be purchased through Amazon for subjects like European art history, classic novels, and planet Earth. If a course is missed, the time can be made up by attending the Classic Book Club, Harvard Poetry Club, or Friday TEDTalks. Once the course work is complete, the resident is issued a certificate and invited to participate in a graduation ceremony held to commemorate the achievement. Please note that membership fees apply for Legacy University courses.

Amazon Alexa

The independent living apartments in our communities now come with Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated virtual concierge. Residents can now just ask Alexa to check the activities calendar for the day, check the news, call the front desk, play music, and more. It’s voice connected, so all they have to do is say, “Alexa.”

Intergenerational Life Program

Nothing puts the sparkle in the eyes of independent living seniors like spending time with local youth. Our Intergenerational Life program blends traditional methods with creative ideas to bring community residents the joy found in simple togetherness.

Residents will discover avenues for enhanced living through a variety of events, activities, and opportunities for interaction. Plus, the younger members of the local community will certainly discover a newfound sense of wisdom and purpose through their interactions with our residents.

Our Intergenerational Life program offers a great opportunity for exchange and expression, and all those involved are invited to experience an enriching and memorable time together.

Happy Hour

What better way to wind down the day than spending time with friends? Our happy hour offers independent living residents a place to relax over wine and beer selections as well as non-alcoholic drinks, all served with an assortment of tasty appetizers. This “meet and greet” setting is perfect for enjoying music to liven the spirit or soothe the soul with great company to keep residents coming back time and time again.

Culinary Education Program

At Civitas Senior Living, we celebrate how great food and outstanding company draw residents together. Food, culture, and different styles of cuisine are the focus as we explore new ways of preparing and enjoying fresh ingredients and flavors. Our independent living residents are encouraged to take ideas and information from our classes and use the recipes and tips in their own kitchens.

Classes are designed to immerse residents in a culture of food and can range from a single session to several sessions over a few weeks. Please note that depending on the class, content, and supplies, there may be an additional cost to participate.