Resident couple tending to their plants during gardening club


Making Dreams Come True

We have the privilege of serving some of the most extraordinary residents at Clear Fork Senior Living. Residents filled with passion, wisdom, history, dedication, and an abundance of dreams ready to come true. Once a quarter, we take the time to celebrate these amazing residents and their lives while creating wonderful new memories with them and their loved ones. We’ve hosted numerous parties and reunions, planned vow renewals, enjoyed hot air balloon rides, gone two-stepping, and walked a marathon. 

From small moments to large events, and everything in between, our My Miracle Moment program enables us to help residents feel as special as they are.

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Miracle Moment
Clear Fork

Corky Blythe is a retired firefighter from Fort Worth and still has a passion for his former profession, talking about his firefighting days all the time. Watch here as the Clear Fork staff reunite Corky with his former firefighting family members and also his sister, who he hadn’t seen since before the pandemic.

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