No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. – Aesop

Community relations director Jamie Campbell has spent the last few months making difficult decisions easier for families who are on the journey of finding the perfect place to care for their loved ones. Since Jamie works with others, she is always looking for opportunities to make a difference. An example of Jamie’s heart of gold in action is Doris, one of the residents.

Doris is one of the sweetest women you will ever meet. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with Dementia—not an easy diagnosis to process for her and her loved ones. During this difficult time, Doris has found companionship in Teddy, her big, white, shirtless, teddy bear.

One of Teddy’s many attractive qualities is that he is a great listener. Often you can find Doris get lost in his big black eyes and fuzzy white fur. He’s the faithful friend that Doris has needed, and she cares for him like he is her own son. Doris always keeps him wrapped sung in a blanket. She was afraid that people were talking about Teddy because he didn’t wear any clothing.

While shopping, Jamie found the perfect outfit for Teddy. She picked out a blue-striped shirt and tan cargo shorts and brought them to Doris the next day. Doris was so thankful for the gift she began to cry tears of joy!

Sometimes we forget how big of an impact such a small act of service can make. This was the case for Jaime. “I had no idea how much it would mean to her, I love Doris and her Teddy!” Jamie said.

If you know a family member or friend who could use a little extra care and love, we’re here when you are ready to meet the passionate employees and wonderful residents in our Assisted Living and Memory Care Community. We’ll have your “Teddy” here waiting for you.

Teddy Bear Paws

I placed my memories in teddy bear’s paws,
My fondest dreams, my wishes and all,
I’ll never let go of those tender years,
And you, my friend, through giggles and tears.

I recall the gaze of your black button eyes,
Your comforting look and knowing surprise.
My deepest secrets, I shared with you,
Old bear, my friend, you’ve always been true.

You hold the magic of those wonderful years,
You soothe my heart; you calm my fears.
My childhood stories upon your ears,
You listened with love, forever dear.

I placed my cares into your paws,
With frogs and toads with warts and all.
Old bear, you’ve been my steadfast friend,
from my very first step to each day’s end.

Through ups and downs throughout my life,
You’ve been my pillow; my moonlit night,
The bear who knows just where I’ve been,
Who stood by me through thick and thin.

Whenever I see your adorable face,
I’m back in my childhood, the state of grace,
Recalling the times when life was a game,
When days were sunny; when it never rained.

Now, I’ve grown up in stature and size,
With life quite serious, Im supposed to be wise,
I’ll leave my cares by the door-outside,
And look for the bear with arms opened wide.

A teddy bear holds a young child’s smiles,
And dreams of queens and far away miles,
Of tea cups and parties out on the lawn,
And Golden Books treasured when summers were long,

And I, I shall be forever young……..-