There are a lot of things to think about when making any kind of move. When it comes to moving into an assisted living facility, however, there are a few more things to consider that might not automatically cross your mind. Here are a few helpful tips when moving a senior from one home to another.

First of all, it’s important to keep in mind your loved one’s wishes. Make sure your loved one is comfortable with the idea of moving. Aside from that, ask before throwing anything out. It might be that something seemingly worthless has a lot of sentimental value to your loved one.

It’s also important, however, to keep the size of the new place in mind. Moving into assisted living, or any type of senior living, most likely means moving into a smaller space. There will definitely need to be some downsizing if that is the case. Try as much as possible to help your loved one declutter at this time. It might help to suggest gifting a few items to friends or family.

Keep the things that make their house their home. Moving to an assisted living community will likely make your loved one very nervous. If there is familiar décor in the new place, it will definitely help your loved one feel a little more at home. While you’re packing up and deciding what to take or leave behind, take note of which pictures, paintings, or posters your loved one has decided to display. Try to keep a good amount of the décor your loved one has chosen and apply the same sort of style to their new home.

If you’re moving your loved one into a memory care unit, or perhaps even in any other type of housing, make sure to label everything with your loved one’s name. That way, if anything gets misplaced, lost, or accidentally switched with someone else’s belongings, your loved one will still be able to recover that item.

Throughout the entire process, be considerate of your loved one’s feelings and be there for emotional support. This is a place they’ve come to call home no matter how long it’s been since they moved in. If it seems appropriate, you might even want to invite some friends and family and do a proper goodbye to your loved one’s current place.

Lastly, be there throughout the actual packing process. Your loved one won’t be able to lift heavy objects and most likely won’t have the energy to pack everything alone. Ask other family members or friends for help as well, especially when it comes to the furniture. It’ll help your loved one to know that not only can you be there for emotional support but also to make the packing process easier.