Moving to an assisted living apartment will most likely mean downsizing for your loved one. If that is the case, it will be very helpful to your loved one if you do what you can to maximize the space in that new apartment. Here are some ideas of how best to make the most out of a smaller space that is an assisted living apartment.

Keep it simple. Moving into an assisted living community will mean that your loved one receives some extra attention in certain areas of everyday life. If the community is providing meals for your loved one, then he or she will probably not need as many cooking utensils. If he or she still wants to cook on occasion, then keep the kitchen furnished but be somewhat minimalistic.

Get creative to create more storage space. Storage ottomans or decorative trunks are a great way to both furnish the apartment and decorate it at the same time.

Help reorganize regularly. Keeping the place clean will keep storage spaces from getting cluttered or messy. Perhaps it will be difficult for your loved one to regularly clean, but if you know where everything belongs then you can always put it back whenever you show up to visit. Make sure that these visits are pretty regular, too, so that you can know how your loved one is feeling and if he or she needs anything.

Furnish the place appropriately. Make sure not to use furniture that is too big for the space, and don’t get too much furniture either. The furniture should complement the space and make the most of it. If possible, use familiar pieces of furniture, but if those are too large it’s better to get something that works with the space. Make sure there’s enough seating space for visitors to feel comfortable but not so much that the apartment is cluttered. Preferably pick out a couple comfortable pieces that your loved one can benefit from. Your loved one should be able to move around the apartment with ease.

Downsize personal items before the move. Help your loved one decide what he or she will be taking and leaving behind. It’ll be better to downsize as much as possible before the move. Let your loved one keep the most important items, and help him or her either give away, sell, or throw out other items.

Most of all, make sure to help your loved one take advantage of the space in the best way possible. Give suggestions, but also listen to what your loved one wants.