Sometimes, you might not know what to say or do when you’re visiting a loved one in a senior living community. The environment might be a little bit different than what you’re used to, and you might not know at first how to talk to your loved one. He or she might seem a little different because of the change in scenery and daily activities. These aren’t necessarily bad things, but it might make you a little bit uncomfortable at first.

It might help if you bring an activity for the two of you to do together. This could be a photo album or some other conversation piece. If the two of you have a common interest, you can bring an activity that has to do with that or bring a book about the subject.

Make sure you keep an open mind while you’re visiting your loved one. If your loved one is in memory care, his or her personality has probably already been changing, and this might also be the case with assisted living. Be open to any other changes in your loved one. He or she might have different friends or different interests than before. Don’t contradict your loved one’s actions.

Find out when a good time is for you to visit. There might be times when your loved one is in a better mood and times when he or she is in a worse mood. If you start to notice a pattern, make sure to visit at a time that is generally better for your loved one. It is probably best to visit earlier in the day before exhaustion hits.

Whatever the case, make sure you cherish every moment you spend with your loved one. Even if you just sit there talking for an hour, that’s one more hour the two of you got to spend together. And even if your loved one has dementia and is in memory care, it is still possible for the two of you to make some more memories together.