At Civitas, we recognize that food is more than sustenance. It feeds not only the body but the soul as well. That’s why our culinary program is an essential part of the daily care we provide each of our residents. Our chefs craft exciting menus showcasing fresh and flavorful ingredients. Our community restaurants foster a culture of food and fellowship, encouraging residents to dine with friends and family while they enjoy a memorable meal. At Civitas, food and dining are not just a part of what we do. It’s our passion, a passion we happily share with our community families each and every day.

A Dining Experience as Unique as You

Civitas’ culinary teams treat each plate as a canvas, creating delicious art that brings a “WOW!” to every dining experience. Menus are customizable, allowing for local and regional influences while meeting each community’s needs. We also welcome resident input. Our seniors bring a wealth of tastes, preferences, and – in many cases – recipes with them when they move into one of our communities, and we want them to have a hand in creating a dining experience that is uniquely theirs and meets their special dietary requirements. We also offer numerous dining options including our main restaurant, private dining rooms, casual bistros, and in-suite dining.

Food Is Our Passion

Civitas is focused on not only pleasing the palate but nourishing our residents with healthy, delicious fare. That’s why our My Food program – part of our signature Passion Program – was created to be an immersive food experience. Through My Food, residents learn about the meals we serve: where the ingredients come from, how they come together, the process of cooking, and how it impacts all the senses. Highlights of our My Food program include cooking demonstrations, special themed culinary events, and the following:

Community Signature Dish

Once a quarter, our culinary team adds four to five new contenders to the Chef Selections menu for the residents to taste. Residents then vote on their favorite new dish through a secret ballot process. The winning dish is then added to our daily Chef Selections menu.

My Recipe

We realize that our community is home to many cooks and foodies who are as passionate about cooking as we are. Residents are invited to submit their own personal recipes. Our kitchen staff then tests out the recipes and selects which ones will appear on the menu. At least one resident’s favorite recipe or meal is featured each month.

MINDful Menu

Good food choices can have a direct impact on overall brain health. That’s why we offer our MINDful Menu, a combination of two well-known diets – the Mediterranean Diet and DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) – both of which provide a wide variety of foods that boost brain health, enhance cognitive skills, and improve physical abilities. You can find these MINDful Menu choices clearly marked on the menu.

Seasonal Sips

These special, hand-crafted beverages are a refreshing addition to our regular menu and rotated weekly. We use only high-quality ingredients such as fresh fruit, fine teas, and sparkling water to create our seasonal drinks. Seasonal Sips change with the menu and are created to complement the selections for the week. Past favorites include a summery, bubbly Strawberry Cooler and toasty-warm Pumpkin Spice Chai.

Built to Serve

Civitas recruits its culinary team members from across the hospitality sector. These true foodies bring a passion for exciting food, innovative cooking, and fine service to all of our communities, and our residents savor the difference. Civitas’ food and beverage management systems also ensure consistency and accountability for every meal served in each community. Our relationships with national food and beverage companies help us provide the highest quality meals while delivering the best dining experience.

Come to Our Table

The best way to taste the Civitas difference is to schedule a visit and join us for a complimentary meal at one of our community restaurants. Come discover our commitment to Passionate Dining.

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