Each new year, people around the world take time to reflect on the past year – their accomplishments and challenges – as well as look forward with hope to the coming year. It is a tradition for many to set goals or resolutions to guide their efforts in the new year.

Civitas Senior Living is a company founded on the belief that passionate people can create change in the senior living industry and provide the best lifestyle experience for seniors. Passionate people tend to be driven, focused and likely to set goals for themselves. Take a look at some of the inspiring goals Civitas team members have set for themselves. The goals shared reflect the many facets of the Civitas team’s lives – from family to professional aspirations to desired new skills.

A few of mine are to Civitize my community by fully implementing the wonderful Passion Program, develop a world-class dietary services program, and help our care team improve their response rate to exceed our residents’ expectations. – Rachel Gilbert, Executive Director, Acadia Estates Assisted Living and Memory Care

I set a goal to learn to sew! – Rachel Williams, Director of Digital Marketing, Civitas Senior Living

I am getting organized, so I can successfully work 90 days ahead. I want to be working on the next quarter while the current one is smoothly flowing along because of amazing planning and working ahead. – Aubry Gregory, Community Relations Director, Arabella of Athens

Each year Dominick and I write goals for our marriage. This year’s goals include talking about anything but work or to-do lists at meal times – something that is very hard to do – and learning a new skill together each month. Right now, he’s learning Ukelele, and I’m learning the guitar. We’re trying to play together! Personally, I want to write three letters a week and become an active reader. – Ashley Alipoon, Social Media Manager, Civitas Senior Living

I’d like to start either a podcast about senior services and Civitas’ mission of passion or a local radio show covering issues important to the aging and their caregivers. I have done this in other markets and enjoyed it tremendously. – Jenny Kinsey, Executive Director, Elan Santa Monica

Personally, I want to start a Support Group for women with cancer in my area. My professional goals include completing more training, so I can provide more training to my staff, which will help us be more successful. I’m going to work like I am Executive Director of the Year! – Jamie Qubedeaux, Executive Director, Arabella of Kilgore

At Arabella of Kilgore, residents have shown an interest in stepping up the number of care kits we make for the homeless. They love preparing the bags with much needed essentials. I am considering joining up with East Texas Dream Center to make a bigger impact. – Lanea Cope, Assisted Living Activities Director, Arabella of Kilgore

To achieve these goals, these individuals will require focus, dedication, consistency, and the ability to remember why they set their goals when the journey becomes challenging. For other tips on how to achieve goals, check out these 10 Great Tips for Keeping Your Resolutions This Year.

What goals or resolutions are you going to achieve in 2018?