Getting Involved in Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

If it’s time for you to move into an assisted living community, you might feel like you’ve somewhat lost control of your life. Maybe you’re concerned that you can’t really make your own decisions anymore.

In order to keep your own say and independence, make sure to get involved in the process of picking out a community. Go with your loved one to look at the community being considered. Ask about the various services and amenities being provided. Find out how much assistance you’ll be getting and how much you’ll still do on your own.

Keep in mind that there are various levels of care in an assisted living community. In our community, we have different levels of care that can be adjusted to meet each resident’s needs. It’s possible that you don’t need that much daily assistance. We’ll adjust our care plan based on the evaluation that takes place before you move in.

If you’re involved in the decision-making process, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable when it’s time to move. Take this into account when your loved one starts talking to you about potential communities. Instead of shutting down and letting him or her do all the work, look into it together.

Talk about any concerns you might have when you’re visiting a community. Keep in mind that assisted living facilities are meant to help you, not take away your independence or your ability to make your own decisions. Find out about what kinds of options you’ll have while living in the community. Are there activities that interest you? Do the amenities meet your wants and needs?

The community is about so much more than receiving certain services, such as a meal plan and housekeeping. It’s also about being part of a community of people who are in a similar stage of life. Make sure there is something within the community that will interest you. There are a variety of activities offered, as in most senior living communities. These activities might involve physical or mental exercise.

Make sure you don’t rush into anything just because you’re tired of looking. When you choose a community, it should feel like home. That’s the most important part. Wherever you end up should feel like your new home.