Here are a few tips to evaluate the senior living community you’re looking into while keeping your loved one’s interests and needs in mind.

Take location into consideration. Does your loved one have a personal preference? Would you both like to be closer to each other? Take note of where you would like to look.

Keep in mind the reason you and your loved one are looking into a senior living community. If you’re looking at independent living, this implies that your loved one is still pretty much able to do everything on his or her own but just wants to receive certain amenities. If your loved one is having a harder time getting around and/or needs help with medication, make sure to look into assisted living. If you have any doubts about the right level of care or housing for your loved one, you should be able to ask questions at the community you’re looking into.

Look into what kinds of activities will be available to your loved one. This is such an important part of senior living because this is where your loved one can find a social life and a community. Make sure not only that there is a full activity calendar available to the residents but also that there are activities your loved one would take part in.

Make sure to visit the community before making a decision. Walk around both inside and out and take a look at where your loved one will be living. It might help for your loved one comes along during your visit, depending on his or her state of health. Most often, however, it might be helpful to both of you to have your loved one there. If your loved one is hesitant about moving into a senior living community, it will probably be reassuring to be included in the process.

Choosing a senior living community should be a process and not a hasty decision. Make sure to take your time, discuss this with your loved one, and include anyone that would like to be of support. Also, make sure you ask as many questions as you need in order to ease your mind.