The following is the love story of Ed and Rojean of Midtowne Assisted Living and Memory Care. We are blessed to have Ed as a part of our Midtowne Family!

Rojean, her mother, sister and grandparents moved next door to Ed in 1937. Her mothers name was Gladys. Rojean was 9 years old at the time and was “older” for her age. She went through quite a bit as a child when she ruptured her appendix but she was tough, Ed remembered. He moved away a few years later having made a new friend but nothing more. They still lived in the same town and kept in touch.

They started dating when she was thirteen and he was sixteen. They would go to the movies, just drive around town and spoke about things in the moment. They never spoke about marriage or love because he knew he was going into the navy. When he was 18 he finally told her he loved her and promised her he would come back whole (not without any limbs, he jokes). His demeanor changed when he said that the saddest 24 hours of his life was telling her goodbye before leaving for the navy. He took a train from Fort Worth to Dallas. He didn’t come back until after the war. He missed Christmas of 1943, 1944 and 1945 with his family and Rojean. They wrote each other everyday and she kept everyone of his letters that Ed still has bundled up in his room. He wrote her a letter proposing in 1945 and she wrote him one back accepting. He bought her diamond from a port and sent it to her. When he finally got back to the states it was November of ’45. He was discharged out of the navy May 1946.

Ed Boteler Navy Picture
Rojean Boteler Wedding Picture

He left on a Sunday afternoon and caught a city bus home where he spent the afternoon with his parents. That night he went to see Rojean and then every day after that. “It was like hugging heaven,” Ed recalls. “She was the most beautiful woman in the world.” They got married November 15th 1946. The most beautiful sight he ever saw was her coming through the doors when she walked down the aisle to marry him. Their honeymoon was in Mineral Wells to the crazy water hotel. They had their daughter, Marla on December 15, 1948, Debra on September 10, 1950, Becky on May 22, 1958 and their youngest Blake on September 23, 1960.

They were married for 68 years, 1 month and 25 beautiful days. They spent those days driving around the mountains in Colorado, singing in their church choir, crafting together, decorating for holidays and spending time with family. Ed said there was not a day that passed where he did not kiss her good morning and goodnight.

Rojean Boteler passed on January 9, 2015 after visiting family for the holidays. Ed found his letter shortly after her passing and he said that was a very hard but meaningful moment when he felt the sentiment behind her treasuring those letters. Ed recalls, “She was a very present, attentive and caring woman. She was an excellent cook and always made healthy meals for the family. She served me out of love and cared for me all of her life. I always told her how pretty she looked everyday. Overall she was a wonderful person and I miss her so much!”