If one asks Dr. Charles D. Bell about his late wife, Robbie Nell Bell, his emotions flood to the surface. “She was my sweetie. She was so beautiful. There wasn’t anyone who didn’t like her.” Pictures of her appear in every corner of his room. He is right, she was beautiful. He met her while she was a nursing student and he says, “I knew I had to get to know her the moment I saw her.” After a short time, there was no question for either of them that they would become husband and wife. Their wedding date was set for January 1st, 1954. On New Year’s Eve 1953, which was also the eve of their wedding day, they were at a party celebrating. Dr. Bell was on-call with the morgue that evening and received word that he was needed to perform an autopsy that night. Robbie Nell went with him and assisted with the autopsy. “We were up to our elbows in a body cavity the night before our wedding!” The rest is history. Dr. Bell and Robbie would go on to have three daughters and one son. There are also eleven grandchildren in the family.

Dr. Bell and his wife would eventually move to Bastrop, Texas where they lived in a log house surrounded by pine trees that reminded Robbie of growing up in East Texas. Robbie Nell Bell, who is described by her husband as the sweetest and most beautiful, passed away in February of 2013. When I approached Dr. Bell about writing this story he said, “Yes, I think that would be wonderful. It truly is a love story.”