Tips for De-cluttering

When seniors and their loved ones decide it’s time for an assisted living or other form of senior living community, this often means it’s time for the senior to get rid of a few things. It will most likely be difficult and unnecessary to move everything into a senior living community. Here are a few tips for seniors who are in the process of moving into senior housing, whether that is independent living, assisted living, or memory care.

Make lists of what you absolutely need or want to take with you. You can create categories, such as furniture, toiletries, clothing, and décor. By thinking and planning out what you want to take with you, it’ll be less tempting to pack unnecessary items. Make sure you know what will be available to you in the community. You might not need to bring your own linens or towels. Find this out before you start packing.

Use the box system. Set up boxes for items you want to keep, sell, and give away. Also keep a trash can close-by in case there’s anything you realize should simply be thrown away. This can be the next step after the list-making process, or it can be an alternative option.

Give away prized possessions to loved ones. You might have already been thinking about giving that certain necklace to your granddaughter or that china set to a sister. If there are items you are eventually planning on giving away, you can go ahead and do it before the big move. That way, you don’t have to risk losing or breaking those important items during the moving process. Plus, your loved ones will appreciate the gesture and that you thought of them.