We were introduced by mutual friends in December, 1960. We dated several months and decided that we had me the one we wished to spend the rest of our lives with. On June 30, 1961, we were married at Summerfield Methodist Church and I knew I had made the greatest choice of my life to the most honest and beautiful young lady I had ever known.

As the years passed, our love for each other grew and this re-affirmed my love for her. In 1963 we were blessed with out first child, Kyle and in 1960 we were blessed with Kerry.

Until I met Johnnie Beth I had not lived a loving or caring life, but was mostly concerned about my own personal needs and desires. She was a loving Christian girl and encouraged me to live that life-style. After a number of years she convinced me that I should seek the guidance of Jesus Christ in my life. This was another most important decision I ever made. I give her credit for leading me to the Lord and basically saving my life.

Through the 56 years of marriage our love for each other has continued to grow even though there have been a few bad days, but many more good and happy days. As we travel through the twilight years of our lives and think back on it all, I just thank God for the blessing of being an extremely fortunate individual for being given such a wonderful person to spend my life with. In the words of a close friend of ours, “It was marriage made in heaven.”