Many times, when seniors move into any form of senior housing, it can mean moving into a smaller space. Although there are different sizes of apartments and rooms, depending on the resident’s preferences and the type of senior housing, in general it is best (or even necessary) to downsize when moving.

When seniors move into these communities, it is often because they don’t need or perhaps cannot handle as much space as before. While people might talk to seniors and their families about what to get rid of or give away, it is also important to remember why downsizing can be beneficial, in particular to seniors.

With less belongings, there will probably be more empty space in any given room. If a new resident downsizes enough, their new home might look particularly clean. Having empty spaces can provide for a clearer mind.

Throwing objects away or giving away old belongings can leave the owner with a sense of accomplishment. Cleaning out any space or room can make a person feel re-energized and organized. By going through old belongings, a person is able to remember what he or she owns, to throw things out that are no longer necessary, and to reorganize what is left behind. Being in a clean space helps a person feel both accomplished and organized.

With less possessions, there is less tying a person down. Often when a person downsizes in belongings, this can lead to less stress and anxiety. This might be because everything is easy to spot or because there is more open space. Either way, this is a good thing.

With less items, it is also probably a lot easier to find anything that’s needed. Items will be more organized, and it’ll be easy to put things back in their place.

Lastly, owning less things can mean really appreciating the ones that ended up in the “keep” pile. Having a true appreciation for one’s belongings can translate into an appreciation for one’s surroundings. This, of course, then lifts the mood.

With these reasons in mind, it might now be easier to think about downsizing before moving into a senior living community. If your loved one is the one moving into a senior living community and doesn’t want to get rid of anything, share some of these ideas with him or her. It might be the push needed to get the process going.