Wayne and Misti Powell
“My grandparents raised me. They got older, and I watched what they went through. Even at that young age I knew that seniors deserved better. That they could flourish. That’s why every piece of Civitas has parents and grandparents in mind. It’s what we’d want for our own.”
Wayne Powell on behalf of himself, his wife/partner Misti and the entire Civitas team

It’s been more than 20 years since Wayne Powell began his career in senior living operations—and, with a nationally respected reputation of transforming failing facilities into thriving, successful communities—our entire industry has benefited.

Currently, Civitas owns an ever-expanding portfolio as shown under our communities. This success started back in 2003, when Wayne took over operations of a Skilled Nursing Facility, a 210-unit, in Fort Worth, Texas.

Leveraging thoughtful strategies and forward-thinking instincts for senior care, Wayne transformed the Skilled Nursing Facility from the county’s second-worst rated facility to its third-best. Similar challenges faced him in 2005, where he turned an operational crisis at The Courtyards at River Park into a 97% occupancy, finally selling the property in 2012 at a significant return.

It was during this time, while simultaneously serving as a consultant for other senior living groups, Wayne realized that he would make a greater impact if he embraced the wider, long-term benefits of ownership. Civitas Senior Living was born.

Today, Civitas owns and operates its own properties while also providing third-party management services to those who recognize the unparalleled quality and opportunity that the Civitas philosophy delivers.

For Wayne, it’s a story that’s come full circle. And we know his grandparents would be proud.