Civitas Senior Living is a team of senior living experts that provide all facets of senior living operations. This expertise includes extensive experience in Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Independent Living. Through third-party management contracts, Civitas provides expert management services for operational start-ups, turn-around operations, and on-going operations.

Civitas Senior Living works closely with developers to optimize operations through developing partnerships that align interests. When contracting with Civitas Senior Living, you are partnering with an experienced operator that is also an owner. This ownership experience provides a proven track record of operating properties with excellent financial returns and high occupancy rates while focusing on customer satisfaction.

Accounting and Financial Services

  • Budget

  • Proforma

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Start-up Proforma

  • Project Refinancing Support

  • Debt/Equity Support

Acquisition/Development Services

  • Site Selection

  • Demographic Studies

  • Coordination Development

  • Construction Existing

  • Property Acquisition or Re-positioning

  • Turnaround Assessments for Poor Performing Assets

Marketing Services

  • Demographic and Market Studies

  • Focused Market Study

  • Property Marketing Plan

  • CRM Implementation and Monitoring

  • Census Development

The Missing Piece

Many times existing operations are not performing to their highest potential. These operations are usually missing a fundamental operational piece – it might be marketing, expense control or untrained management. Through third party management or consulting, Civitas can help identify and provide property ownership the plan to correct and improve operations.