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What does passion mean anyway?

Passion. It’s a word that gets thrown around today in all manner of ways. Find your passion. Live your passion. But those phrases are difficult to wrap your hands around due to their ambiguity. They can mean something completely different from one person to the next. Wayne and Misti Powell, co-founders [...]

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Ed and Rojean’s Love Story

The following is the love story of Ed and Rojean of Midtowne Assisted Living and Memory Care. We are blessed to have Ed as a part of our Midtowne Family! Rojean, her mother, sister and grandparents moved next door to Ed in 1937. Her mothers name was Gladys. Rojean was 9 years old at [...]

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Jack and Glada’s Blind Date

I worked at Bell Telephone Company and I ate lunch at noon with the girls in the office. They decided they wanted to fix me up with a guy named Jack who worked at Bell Helicopter and arranged for us to meet. They picked me up at choir practice from church and when I came [...]

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Harry, Faine, and a Dozen Roses

Excerpted from “How I Met your Mother, etc.” by Harry Wistrand. Harry and his wife are both residents at Acadia Estates in Dallas, Texas. They’ve been married for 73 years and met at the University of Alabama. Now back to college. My sophomore year, 1939 to 1940 was somewhat easier, but I was still learning [...]

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Dr. Charles Bell and His Beautiful Wife

If one asks Dr. Charles D. Bell about his late wife, Robbie Nell Bell, his emotions flood to the surface. “She was my sweetie. She was so beautiful. There wasn’t anyone who didn’t like her.” Pictures of her appear in every corner of his room. He is right, she was beautiful. He met her [...]

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Roger and Elsa’s Love Story

Rogelio “Roger” Colunga grew up in Hondo, Texas. Upon graduation from High School he enlisted in the United States Air Force. When he came home on leave in the fall of 1949, he decided to attend his old High School’s football game and showed up in his Air Force dress uniform. He sat on the [...]

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Benefits of Early Morning Exercises

It’s already pretty well-known that exercise is a pretty important part of staying healthy, no matter what the age. Exercising specifically in the morning, though, can provide some additional benefits. Setting that time aside first thing in the morning means you’ll be able to start off your day already being productive. The benefits of exercise [...]

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Reasons to Stay Active

We often hear that there are a lot of benefits to exercising, but a lot of times it can be difficult to find the motivation to do it or to know which exercises are the best ones. It’s important, though, to keep up a fitness routine through the aging process. There might be a need [...]

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